Monday, 4 June 2012

03/06/12 Robot Holocaust (1986)

Excrellent (Sure you can work that out) film set in a post holocaust world where suburban parkland is mysteriously still well maintained. It's great!


                                                  David Irving denies the existence of this film.

"Well, that's an unfieasably large sack, Buster!"

"What is your bidding, glowing boob of wisdom?"

"Fuck it! There's no toilets in the future!"

"Haven't seen you here before"
"No, I normally go to the other phone booth disco. Wanna drink?"
"Malibu and lime please"

In this film, our heroes face many challenges, including The Gloryhole Run!

"What is my motivation, darling?"

"Attack my testicle-bots! Attack!!!"


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