Tuesday, 12 February 2019

King Of Thieves (2018)

Film about the true life Hatton Garden job a few years ago when a bunch of pensioners bored through concrete walls to rip off a vault full of safety deposit boxes.

At the time, almost everyone was, like, fuckin' 'ell, fair play. That's proper old school heistery, no one hurt and taking from those who can (mostly, we presume) afford to lose a few quid.

Then they got nicked and almost everyone was, like, fuckin' 'ell, they're all full-on grandads. Proper old men. Fair play, having a crack at such a massive (victimless-ish) robbery when most people of that age are becoming slow moving human cardigans.

Then it turned out that, although advanced in years, they were a bunch of unpleasant old cunts and most people thought "Meh, fuck 'em" when they got sent down for it.

The film, in fairness, doesn't paint any of the characters in a particularly likable way and, from what I remember, does a pretty faithful recreation of the methods used to pull off such an impressive blag.

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