Sunday, 19 June 2016

18/06/16 Blackway (2015)

Small town crime thing. Kinda good, yet also boring. Filmed almost entirely in grey.


17/06/16 Man Up (2015)

Comedy film that started off funnier than we expected and ended worse than we feared. Simon Pegg's really nailed the whiney fucking twat character in films hasn't he.


17/06/16 Kill Or Be Killed (2015)

Western that wobbles in tone between very serious and knockabout silliness. Also some ghost thing or something going on. Feels longer than it is by then end and mostly forgettable. However it does have the line "I ain't ever pickled a girl before".

A pickle, yesterday.


--/06/16 Wolf (2013)

Excellent Dutch film about ethnic criminal gangs. No clogs or windmills.


--/06/16 Unaware (2010)

Found footage effort where two people find aliens in a shed and shit like that.


--/06/16 Once Fallen (2010)

This film opens with Ed Harris beating a child abuser to death. Sadly that's where the fun ends. twenty years later, his son gets out of jail and tries to go straight, making semi-legit money by fighting people and getting to know the kid he didn't know his ex was expecting.
Meanwhile Ed Harris is still in jail himself for the paedo-slapping and, for some reason, has become the top dog in the ariyan gang in his prison.

Is there a difference between prison and jail? Always seems to be in Yank films. dunno, I always assumed, over here at least, that it was just a name for a place, like Banana Street Vs Banana Avenue or whatnot.

Anyway, Harris is the stand out in this, very compelling presence, the rest of it is a bit beige and formula.


--/0616 Dark Signal (2016)

A low budget Brit-spooker essentially about a ghost calling a radio station phone-in. A bit like LBC but with less cab drivers and right-wing cunts.

There's a secondary plot involving some fella and his misses who are trying to rob a farmer or something. Dunno, that part was messily done and some of the acting was would've looked poor in a primary school nativity.

The stuff in the radio studio was done much better, and if it was the sole occupant of the running time, could've made for a cracking little film. Pontypool (the Canadian film, not the Welsh town) done something similar and done it very well. Prob best to watch that instead.