Friday, 26 August 2016

25/08/16 The Darkness (2016)

Whilst on a family holiday out in the desert, a young boy finds some magic ghost pebbles which he takes home.

The haunted rocks start possessing the house and have a thing for turning on taps and scaring grandmas.

Good looking but very generic spooker. With some paranormal stones.


--/08/16 Urge (2016)

Some hateful little cunts go off to one of their island homes to have a party and take a new drug that is suposedly a great high and makes you lose all self control. Things go bollock shaped and people want to kill each other/bathe in cake/do shit paintings and all other such decadent extremes.

Bit of a wasted plot really. Open a newspaper, arseholes on nothing stronger than E-numbers do whatever the fuck they want in this world anyway, pretty sure they don't need any further stimulation.

Anyway, Pierce Brosnan must have some bills to pay or something.


--/08/16 Seclusion (2015)

Film about some dislikable people who start getting murdered in a pretty standard whodunnit/slasher. Just the sorta film to put on in the background so you can ignore it and do something else.


--/08/16 Money Monster (2016)

Going shockingly against type, George Clooney plays a smug man in a suit.

Jack O'Conell's great talent feels a little wasted in this mediocre, but fun enough, effort and any message about the immorality of global finance and shady investment deals is lost in the pantomime portrayal of the big bad guy.


--/08/16 The Thing (1982)

Thirty four years old and still not beaten.


--/08/16 Imperium (2016)

Someone decided it'd be a good idea to cast the 5ft5", baby faced Daniel Radcliffe as an FBI agent who goes undercover and infiltrates a white supremacist skinhead group.

In fairness, he does a very good job in the role. The acting role that is, he doesn't win, like, 'Whitey of the Year' or 'The TV Times People's Aryan 2015' or some such.

Anyway, once in the world of hate-mullets and pick-up trucks, he makes his way around various circles of fuckwittery in search of some dirty bomb materials that have gone missing and believed to be in the possession of some Trump voters and their sisterwives.

Worth a go.


--/08/16 Observance (2015)

An Austrailian private investigator (Bruce. Probably.) gets hired to spy on a woman. Starts off interestingly, but the attempt to gently ease in the sense of 'other', the suggestion that factors outside the natural world are at play, doesn't quite work. It has some similarities to Kill List in its pace, content and vibe, but doesn't nail it in the way that film does.
Shame as according to the Guardian's review of it, they claim it only cost $11000, so it certainly does well for its money, but feels a little like noble-ish failure.