Monday, 18 August 2014

17/08/14 Good Morning Vietnam (1987)

Anyone who reads this shit is likely to be aware that Robin Williams killed himself this week, allowing newspaper columnists a great opportunity to declare their (previously unmentioned) lifelong fanship, filling their articles with Twitter quotes from people who once spent some time in the man's company and TV channels to fill their schedules with whatever films of his they have the broadcast rights to.

Seemed like a nice guy, but I never met him myself so I dunno. As for the film, it's pretty woolly, undemanding stuff but it does take an admirable, defiantly neutral position, presenting everyone involved in the war as equally flawed and human. Excellent soundtrack as well.


17/08/14 Shallow Ground (2004)

Although shabby round the edges, there's a superb idea for a horror film here. Some of the acting is wonky and the final 30 minutes drag a little, but the central plot is ace.

I can't really say too much as it would give away the main developments, but it starts with a naked young fella walking into a police station covered in blood then gets stranger.

Damn cool poster, too.


17/08/14 The Calling (2014)

A small town murder mystery that doesn't give you any clues as to who the serial killer may be.

Until the extremely odd, out-of-place, gangly strange fellow turns up and says creepy things.

Also, Susan Sarandon, 67? Yup, still would.


16/08/14 Total Recall (2012)

When the original Total Recall came out 24 years ago I tried watching it three times. I fell asleep each time. An ironically resolute title for a film with such powerfully narcoleptic effects.
Assembling a mental composite from my three attempted viewings, I decided it was shit. I finally saw it again about fifteen years later and confirmed it.

This one's a bit better. But still a bit shit.


15/08/14 The Apparition (2012)

History's most cinematically bland couple get haunted by some kind of demonic potato that's stuck to the ceiling and occasionally swallows women.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

13/08/14 The Reckoning (2014)

Australian crime thriller involving a dead teenage girl, her sister's quest for revenge, drug dealers and bent coppers.

And probably koalas, drinking, utes, kangaroos and racism.


11/08/14 At The Devil's Door (2014)

Starts off like a predictable, formula spooky house story, then, about thirty minutes in it starts throwing up surprises and turns into something much better than expected. Doesn't go into the lazy splatter horror that the beginning suggests, instead putting some effort in and developing a nice creepy tension.
The scene where the entity first reveals itself is particularly eerie.

Worth a go if you like spookflicks.