Sunday, 31 August 2014

31/08/2014 The Penny Dreadful Picture Show (2013)

Anthology of three short films, none are outstanding but they're entertaining enough and one offers a novel spin on a well worn genre.



30/08/14 Eye Of The Storm (1991)

Has the style and feel of a TV movie, specifically one for a TV station called 'Shit Films'.

Two kindly folk get murdered at their desert motel/petrol station/diner, leaving their two orphaned sons to take over the business. Ten years later, Dennis Hopper and Lara Flynn Boyle turn up to stay the night. This place is so remote, they might well be the first customers since the murders a decade before.

The younger son was blinded in the attack that killed the parents and spends his days touching rabbits and stealing keys, the elder son fills the months by sometimes wearing a hat. Both of them decide that they wanna do feely stuff with Boyle, until it all gets a bit murdery.

Fuck kevlar, apparently a white T-shirt will keep you alive after four bullets to the chest.

Total bum-sandwich.


30/08/14 Life Of Crime (2013)

Pretty much the same as Ruthless People (was actually going to get made in the '80s, it's based on an Elmore Leonard book, but the plots were considered too similar) but without the funny bits.

Friday, 29 August 2014

28/08/14 Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

A terrifying vision of the future.

No, not the CGI zombie apocalypse, but the thought that one day all films might be as terrible as this.


28/08/14 The Last Showing (2014)

Robert Englund plays a fella with a mildly confused accent who works in a cinema and decides to kill some annoying people.

Low budget, ropey acting, terrible script yet still watchable, especially if you're in the mood for an undemanding horror flick that's reminiscent of stuff that was pumped out by the bumload back in the '80s.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

27/08/14 The Rover (2014)

In a near future where the world is seemingly only inches away from being completely broken, someone steals Mike from Neighbours car.

Bleak and very nearly brilliant.


26/08/14 Escape From London (2011)

After watching the Jake West documentary, I thought I'd check his IMDB page to see what else he's been up to as me and Pod have always enjoyed his feature films. Someone we sorta know has worked with him and said he's a jolly decent fellow, so he gets an all-round Film Plop thumbs up.

Anyway, as some promo piece for a recent Frightfest, he filmed a short parody of Escape From New York, had a look on YouTube, and there it is. Although obviously made on the quick, it's fun with a few good in-jokes, the Mayor's earrings being my favourite.

And, as it's got an IMDB entry, I'm including it.