Wednesday, 27 May 2015

27/05/15 The Living (2014)

Watching this at the moment. So far it's a decent, miserableak indie effort about an idiot hiring a killer to kill another idiot.
7.5/10 (Probably)


27/05/15 S.N.U.B! (2010)

You'll probably never see this. Just as well. It's shite.


26/05/15 Extinction (2014)

Some people go off to make a documentary about moss or something but accidentally find dinosaurs.

For a low budget effort, this was much better than we were expecting. Especially the effects, very impressive. Could do with trimming ten minutes of running up and down rocks, but that's forgiveable.

Most impressive was the fact that this was filmed in a Welsh forest that (fairly convincingly) doubled for Peru.

Peru, yesterday.

Wales, yesterday.

Although, judging by the woman in the vest, it was quite chilly.

Worth a go if you fancy a bit of found footage, Lost Island type stuff.


25/05/15 Ex Machina (2015)

As we're nearly half way through, I had to check again that this is still film of the year.


"Does this make my robot arse look big?"


--/05/15 The Night Crew (2015)

Like video rohypnol, sends you to sleep and leaves you remembering very little of it. Do not watch in the company of wrong 'uns.

--/05/15 Demonic (2015)

Some young people bollock about with a OuiJa board in a haunted house and nothing happens, no one dies and they all go home happy and plump.

Or they all die and stuff. One of the two.

--/05/15 He Who Dares (2014)

You'd think that the British, with our inexplicable love of fighting, would make the world's best action films, instead of some of the worse.