Friday, 26 July 2013

23/07/13 Only God Forgives (2013)

Lots of arseholes are wanking their chins over the over the incestuous sub-text, character development and supposedly 'dream like' visuals in this film. The translation is that everyone seems to walk around very fucking slowly, as if they're holding in an angry mud-biscuit. Kristen Scott Thomas briefly talks about one of hers sons having a big cock and Ryan fucking Gosling does his now very familiar acting 'thing' of not talking much, using a singular facial expression to convey every emotion/physical sensation and 'looking over there a
bit'. I've seen vegetation with greater range.

Frequently during this tedious, pretentious, shit-biscuit of a film, we get a POV shot from Gosling's character as he looks down at his hands and forearms. I frequently do this as well:

Total fucking bumwash.


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