Tuesday, 20 May 2014

18/05/2014 Star Wars (1977)

Little known sci fi flick that you probably haven't heard of.

Not really, everybody knows Star Wars.

Still enjoyable and holds up well although the constant fanboy wank off over the franchise is a little tiresome and tragic. Sadly it never seems to be the original theatrical release that airs and only the remaster which George Lucas had to ponce around with by adding extra pointless CGI (she says, sounding like a tragic tiresome fanboy).

Harrison Ford is now eight years older than Alec Guiness was when this was released (and Obi Wan was portrayed as a right old duffer on his last legs).

Mark Hamill's pecs in the poster are generously rendered.





  1. I remember when our village got a video shop- it was right there in the early vhs boom. The shop meant seeing things that we couldn't see on tv- italian cannibals, zombies, slashers, gore oh and american sex comedies. Plus stuff like the warriors, european rip offs of american vietnam movies and post nuclear madness. You had to sign a waiting list to see zombie flesh eaters. But star wars? There was a copy, unloved and unwanted (it was in one of those cardboard slip-over cases and that was a bit tatty). Every time i came in the shop it seemed to be on the shelf while the good stuff was rented out.

    I remember star wars as a massive film when it came out (I used to get the comic and the merch) and for a few weeks we were all star wars, just as we were all Grease when that came out. It later became a cult. But there was this brief inbetween time when it seemed to have fallen out of favour. Hard to imagine now really! But there was a time when the kids ignored star wars but loved fulci :)

  2. Indeed! I can remember those years when the whole Star Wars thing was just another film series, before they became the thing they are now.

    I guess that's what happens when men who were kids in the '70s and '80s start having kids of their own and a new wave of Star Wars films come out.