Wednesday, 18 February 2015

15/02/15 The Lathe Of Heaven (1980)

Silly but enjoyable twaddle about a chap in the 'near future' (probably, like 1990 or some other laser world, future land!) who tries to stop himself from dreaming as whatever happens when he dreams comes true in the real world.

I imagine the book it's based on would be able to portray the unlikelyness of the story with more credibility, but if you like cheap creative sci-fi from that era, you'll probably enjoy this.

"Full bonk-on. You?"
"Half a teacake at best."

Surprisingly, this film predicted flip-front mobile phones.
It didn't predict that we'd become a world of arseholes.

"How'd you like your cortical?"
"Anally, please."
I spent about five minutes pissing about to get that screencap. Twat.

"Damn it, Gary! I don't care what the lab says, design me the gayest car in the world"
"I'll try, Geoff. I'll try."

"Miriam! Look! He done it! That crazy fool pulled it off!"

"He sure did!"


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