Monday, 11 May 2015

10/05/15 It Follows (2014)

The horror fans have been wanking themselves flat then round again over this for a couple of months. I can see why, it's got an effective Carpenter-esque vibe that's all about 'creepy' rather than bloody, and you feel the sense of paranoia and fear build as the characters try and out run their fate.

However, for all the claims of orginality being spunked over it, it's pretty derivative. Very similar in plot to the wave of far-eastern ghost films that exploded in the early 2000s. Although rather than a haunted VHS tape or mobile phone, it's essentially about the damage a haunted penis can do.
The soundtrack and wardrobe choices both needed a fucking good kick in the spuds for being so intentionally '80s in style, something that film makers in their twenties keep doing without realising what cunts it makes them.

Sorry, cloud-based iCunts.

I know that may sound hypocritical after praising its Carpenter vibe, but a vibe is exactly that, a sensation or feeling you get as you watch a film, it's nothing to do with having your cast dress like arseholes.

However, it is much, much better than the tepid, jump-scare dogshit relentlessly pumped out under the name of horror these days so if you can ignore the above wankery, it's well worth a go.

*Turns out the writer/director is 40. He should know better.


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