Wednesday, 23 December 2015

21/12/15 The Revenant (2015)

Not yet released, but leaked online to 'popular streaming sites', if you're so inclined to seek it out.

Anyway, the film's the usual story: Boy meets bear, gets partially eaten, sleeps in a horse etc.

An hour too long, grossly over-acted (Hollywood: lank hair in eyes, unkempt beards and flecked spittle are fucking lazy shorthand for wilderness desperation. You predictable cunts, Try an involving, realistic plot and script instead.)

The cinematography does go some way to redeeming the film, it's very visual and whatnot.

Now, after all that, what is worth reading up on is the true, genuinely impressive story of human endurance it was very loosely based on:

Rather than the bumwank story of familial revenge this film uses as it's emotional core.

Also worth reading, because it's funny, is the nonsense about the bear attack scene involving a quick bit of 'forcible backdoor':

And after reading that:

Now fuck off.


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