Monday, 29 February 2016

--/02/16 The Money Pit (1986)

The Money Pit.

Podd watched this, I think I was at work or something else really rubbish.
I did see it about 25 years ago. I seem to remember thinking it was alright. It was during phase one of Tom Hanks.

Phase 1: Young & wacky!
               Young & wacky!
               Young & wacky!
               Young & wacky!

Phase 2: Thoughtful lawyer/has AIDS/Gump

Phase 3: Kindly and ageing.

Although in fairness, I could summarise my own phases just as easily:

Born fat & bald.

Idiot with toys.


Still alive, fat & bald again.

Tom Hanks and Perkin Filmplop, kindred spirits.


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