Thursday, 21 April 2016

--/04/16 Bad Taste (1987)

First, and arguably best (even though it's fucking terrible) film by Peter Jackson. I mean, it really is awful on every level, but it's still flippin' great.

But very shit.

You've either seen it and you understand, or you haven't.

Well, I suppose if you haven't seen it and watch it now, it'll probably leave you confused trying to associate the global, fluffy, mega-nonsense that Jackson now directs with the rubber-heavy gorefest he started out with, and you'll probably wonder how on earth someone who made such a terrible pile of nonsense ever got to make a second film, but if you was in your teens when this came out twenty-eight years ago, it all made perfect sense.

We'd seen some fairly extreme gore, even outside the 'banned list', but it was all done so seriously. Even stuff like the Herschell Gordon Lewis films were cheap and sleazy rather than straight comedy. Bad Taste was extreme splatter stuff in such an intentionally silly, slapstick way, closer to a Tom & Jerry cartoon than any real world acts of depravity.

I dunno, probably lots of obscure stuff that done this earlier and better than Jackson, but in my world of the time, it made quite an impression among my peers.

It is shit though.


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