Monday, 5 June 2017

05/17 A Dark Song (2016)

A bereaved woman hires an occultist to help her perform a complex, exhausting, months-long ritual that will allow her to talk to her dead son. After initially declining, her desperation twinges the small reserves of sympathy left in the misanthropic spell-caster and they begin the torturous process.

We here at 'Plop Towers have a thing for films with small budgets, small casts and small locations. Surely it's distilling the essence of what a story should be, when you take away the visual noise, and you're left with plot, dialogue and acting. If a film does that, and nails it, we're happy.

Aside from a rather silly ending, this one does a fine job. Cast of two, one house, compelling story and great acting.

Well worth a watch.


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