Sunday, 31 December 2017

11/2017 The Limehouse Golem (2016)

Jack The Ripper like series of murders has Victorian London all of a pickle.

London's shit enough now, but it would've been even worse for anyone poor back then.

"Dinner? I peeled some rats earlier, fry some if they ain't turned green yet"

"Cup your bollocks over the cobbles guvnor? Only a penny a mile"

"Spit bath! Get yer spit bath here! Shilling for warm, half shilling for cold"

"Open sewer boat rides, kids go free!"

We went on a guided tour of Highgate cemetery a few years back, (well worth doing, fascinating history stuffs) the guide explained how the average age on a pauper's grave in 1880s London was 22.

"Fred died yesterday"

"Well, he had a fair innings, he was 24."

"True. Good genes, his grandpa lived to be thirty."

"Thirty? Fuck off I don't believe it!"

"True, I swear!"

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