Saturday, 27 October 2012

26/10/2012 Killer Joe (2011)

Professional Texan Matthew McConaughey plays a dirty cop who does some hitman work on the side, as well as shagging young girls (well, it is Texas) and enjoying his KFC a little too much.  He is hired by desperate-idiot-in-debt Emile Hirch to bump off his mother in order to claim the life insurance. Well we all know that particular venture never pans out well.

There's a better film in here somewhere but unfortunately it is held back by unsympathetic characters you just don't care about.  The violence feels like it is deliberately trying to shock and McConaughey is still one of the world's dullest men.  IMDB recommend Very Bad Things if you liked this, Film Plop recommend Very Bad Things instead of this.



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