Monday, 10 December 2012

09/12/12 The Fear (2012)

Another miniseries that I'm gonna include for the usual reasons.

Peter Mullan plays Eddie Scottish who years ago apparently 'took over' Brighton, in the gangster sense. Which apparently involves buying some houses and a hotel. A bit like Monopoly. In recent times his memory's starting going a bit bollock-shaped and he's eventually diagnosed with a dose of mind-spazz.

Personally I think he was just disappointed in having such a pair of cunts for sons.

There's a falling out with some lazily clich├ęd East European tracksuit-crims and a few people get dead/mouthraped.

Pretty meh, but Mullan was excellent, the best he's been since the tragically unknown Session 9. Watch that instead.


I find your breasts hilarious!

Director: "Everyone look at something slightly different."

"Fuck off, Withnail. You mincing, luvvie ponce."


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