Wednesday, 26 December 2012

24/12/12 Inside (2007)

If I was French, my day would go something like this:

7am - Alarm

7.02am - Red wine and a baguette

7.50am - Surrender

8am - Try and drive a terrible French car to the shops for some wine.

8.05am - Abandon car after it breaks down.

8.30am - Lunchtime. Two bottles of red wine and assorted amphibian limbs.

2pm - Lunchbreak over.

2.10pm - Wear a beret.

3pm - Afternoon meal White wine and shelled molluscs.

8pm - Make fucking cracker of a horror film.

10.20pm - celebrate with wine and onions on a string dipped in some blue cheese shit.

10.55pm  - Surrender.

11.04pm - A quick bottle of wine before bed.


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