Wednesday, 13 November 2013

13/11/13 Night Of The Lepus (1972)

It's not the bumular science, or that just getting bigger somehow makes rabbits carnivores (and growl/roar), or even the frequently chucklesome script and acting. Nope, the biggest flaw with this film is you cannot make a horror film about giant rabbits due to their total inherent adorableness.

"Captain! How did you defeat the huge number of giant rabbits?"

"Stroked their ears. And carrots."

Also, if I saw a ten foot rabbit, I'd just wanna jump on and ride it too work. Leave him in the car park in one of the 'Staff Rabbits Only' bays.
7/10 (scores high as it's a strong contender in the Killer Rabbit genre)

Possibly the world's smuggest looking horse. 

"Cast came off me leg last month, I just can't be bollocksed to walk."

'Tomato Sanchez' was the least successful superhero of the '70s. And his arm kept falling off.

"We're looking for a 10ft killer rabbit. But as this is Texas, you'll do."
"Also, why is your laptop made out of paper?"

The best quiff  in history. Also known as an 'Elvis Island'.

Utterly terrifying. Yes.


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