Monday, 30 December 2013

27/12/13 Man Of Steel (2013)

...And then we watched (the latest) remake.

The original was fun, Reeve's portrayal of Superman worked, I think, mostly because of the difference between when he was Clark Kent and when he had the cape on. As Superman he was powerful, fair and kindly, as Kent, he was a bumbling, inept, clumsy arsewit with no coordination and faded into the wallpaper of any room, putting on the glasses really did change who was on screen.

Henry Cavill's Superman is a sour-faced, angsty aftershave model. The only moment in the film where he displays anything resembling a personality is during the far too brief military interview scene. His performance isn't actually bad at all, he's just mirroring the dull, humourless tone of the film.

Anyway, he grows up on a farm, gets bullied. His dad manages to fly before he does. Michael Shannon turns up bringing his usual sense of wacky, knockabout fun. He turns into Space Jesus. Has a 158 hour fight with relentless fucking computer effects, then gets a job at the end.


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