Monday, 26 January 2015

24/01/15 Ex Machina (2015)

This is an absolute cracker of a film, it does everything well, has moments of near brilliance. It's engaging, exciting, intelligent and visually exceptional.

However, me being me, my main thoughts were how much I'd like to do a full-on nudey-time with one of the sexy flesh-bots. 

She can tug my hard drive anytime.

Anyway, yeah, the film is flippin' fantastic. As my brother said when we came out of the cinema, it's reminiscent of the better Sci-Fi of the '70s; small cast, dialogue driven, thoughtful and with a sense of escalating paranoia. 

Comparible, but better than, 2013's (also excellent) The Machine.

Early to make such statements, but this is definitely one of the films of the year.


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