Thursday, 25 June 2015

24/06/15 Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)

Are they're people who actively seek out this sort of shit?

"I wanna go and see a film. I want it to be *like* a horror film, but without any of that scary stuff, or tension, a sense of threat, disturbing imagery, gore, violence and swear words.

However, repetitive, tepid jump-scares framed by a plot that is as clear and bland as a celery flavoured window would be great."

The fact that this will, no doubt, be very successful and make more profit than religion is probably a good indicator of how submissive and bovine a huge number of people's tastes are.

Y'know, the above applies to films from other genres, romantic fluff where Drew Barrymore falls in love with a clog salesman, 'dramas' where George Clooney wears a suit and makes decisions which people listen to, action films where square-jawed millitary folk stoically defend something or other from generic brown/East European enemies... It's all a load of old wank.

Not just films; books, TV shows, food, housing, political consensus, everything seems to aspire to the compromise, the middle ground. The spoon-fed, innofensive, end-goal of beige partial fulfilment.

I'm just typing this nonsense to try and give the impression that I'm somehow more selective in my passions, but it's not true. I live a life as unspectacular as everyone else's, if not more so than most. I watched this fucking rubbish after all.


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