Thursday, 21 January 2016

--/01/16 Childhood's End (2015)

This was a three-part mini-series that we pretty much watched in one go, so I'm including it as a film.

It's based on a book written many years ago by Arthur C. Clarke, which involves a load of alien motherships turning up and floating over the world's cities. The occupants become known as The Overlords due to them telling humans to stop bollocking about with wars and diseases and suchlike and show us how we're all the same, irrelevant of how much money you've got or what name you choose for God.

The aliens refuse to reveal themselves for the first fifteen years, but communicate their intentions to us via some humble farmer fellow who acts as their spokesman. Imagine a version of Blind Date that goes on for over a decade. But with a farmer instead of Cilla Black.

Beyond the Mysterious World TV show he fronted in the '80s, I have never really taken much notice of Clarke's stuff, therefore I didn't know the story of the book/show. When the aliens first reveal themselves I thought it was a cracking moment.

The first third was ace, the second was good but the last was a bit meh.


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