Thursday, 21 January 2016

--/01/16 Let Us Prey (2014)

A young ladyplod starts her first shift at a remote police station. Showing an admirable eagerness, she arrests a slow-witted car thief on the way in after he crashes into a bearded chap who then disappears. As soon as she gets to the station, she realises that the few other copperplods based there are the types to ignore the policy book apart from the times they're using it to beat people round the face or wedge open a fire door.

Soon into her shift the bearded chap walks in. Rather than asking for his version of events, they decide to put him in a cell as apparently being the innocent party in an accident puts you under suspicion in that place.

It turns out that the bearded chap may not be as human as he appears and, well, pretty much everyone is a right fucking wrong 'un and he's there to confront them with their sins.

The two leads, Pollyanna Mckintosh and Liam Cunningham are both very convincing, some of the supporting cast aren't really up to par so they kinda frustrate the overall quality a little. Shame as it could've been really good instead of pleasingly average.

Also, and it's a real pisser, a few years back I wrote a book with a plotline so similar it'd be almost embarassing to try and get it published now.

Although, obviously, it's loads better. Steven Hawkings said it's the best book he's ever read!*

*He was talking about a different book at the time, but that doesn't matter.


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