Thursday, 12 May 2016

10/05/16 I Am Wrath (2016)

John Travolta plays a chap who looks much like a strange hybrid of daytime telly dickwit Nick Knowles and one of the Tweenies, in a wig:



Anyway, after his wife gets murdered, he goes after the people responsible, all the way from the lowly street thugs (facial tattoos, drink from bottles) to bent cops (unshaven, crooked tie, hip flask) and finally a corrupt politician (cufflinks, constantly drinking whisky with ice in a nice glass) and all levels of mid-rank goonery between them.

Travolta is backed up by loyal sidekick played by Christopher Meloni who not only out acts him, but is far, far more credible in the action scenes. With the roles reversed, this coulda been a half decent pile of action nonsense, as it is, it's fairly poo.

Very poo, actually.


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