Thursday, 30 June 2016

--/06/16 Grimsby (2016)

This is a career-killing slice of fucking terrible awful badrubbish.

However life is a strange thing and occasionally you find yourself in the mood to watch a film where a man gets anally penetrated by an elephant.

We enjoyed this far more than we should have and we're very glad that only a handful of people who read this know us in real life.
1/10 but also 7/10

Shut up.


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  1. I saw both this and Dad's Army at the cinema. I love Dad's Army, the TV series, and have only ever been so-so on Sacha Baron Cohen. I would rather watch this ad infinitum than Dad's Army ever again. Strangely, like you say, I rather enjoyed this however poor it actually was. Least it had some energy to it I guess.