Sunday, 19 June 2016

--/06/16 Once Fallen (2010)

This film opens with Ed Harris beating a child abuser to death. Sadly that's where the fun ends. twenty years later, his son gets out of jail and tries to go straight, making semi-legit money by fighting people and getting to know the kid he didn't know his ex was expecting.
Meanwhile Ed Harris is still in jail himself for the paedo-slapping and, for some reason, has become the top dog in the ariyan gang in his prison.

Is there a difference between prison and jail? Always seems to be in Yank films. dunno, I always assumed, over here at least, that it was just a name for a place, like Banana Street Vs Banana Avenue or whatnot.

Anyway, Harris is the stand out in this, very compelling presence, the rest of it is a bit beige and formula.


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