Thursday, 11 August 2016

--/07/16 Army Of Darkness (1992)

The Evil Dead films are a fine example of (for want of a less wanky phrase) artistic dilution. The first one had a budget the size of a peanut, was made when people were available to get away from their real lives for a night or two and used inginueity and creativity to make a genuine classic of a horror film. One that's fun, well paced, original and actually scary.

The second one was essentially a remake of the first, but with slapstick comedy and clownish performances replacing the edge of the first one. "Here's some money, soften down all the things that made the original good so we can sell it to more people. We're aiming for the 18-49 Fuckwit Demographic."

By time this third film was made, the series had become some sorta cartoon for cretins.

Utterly awful.

What a total shitpig.


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