Friday, 26 August 2016

--/08/16 Viral (2016)

A dad and his two teenage daughters move to an isolated small town. Their timing's a bit rubbish as soon after they arrive a viral zombie type bug turns most of the local people into unsociable, bitey-folk. I do hate it when that happens.

Just thought of an app. Rather than pay for some theme-day where you run around a disused industrial estate avoiding actors dressed as zombies and using paintball guns to make your way between safe points, why not have an app that when held up to view a high street at chucking out time on a Friday, super-imposes flames on the buildings, turns kebabs into brains and shit like that?
Almost everyone you see on the streets will already be stumbling around, agressive and even likely to bite you. Play it in Croydon you'll probably also get overturned cars and people with shotguns for added authenticity.

Probably call it Alcombies or Zombaholics or suchlike.


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