Saturday, 29 October 2016

--/10/16 Suicide Squad (2016)

A multi-ethnic (black, white, Asian and crocodile) group of dangerous convicts are released from prison to have a fight with some computer effects.

All the bad reviews of this you've read or heard are likely to be accurate. It's shit.

There's numerous problems with this; weak plotting, overlong running time, poor effects, and, well, it's just boring. However, my biggest issue is the fact that the selected members of the 'Squad would surely not be the first choice of a world power when it came to fighting a menace that threatens the globe:

One guy can shoot pretty well.

One guy can punch people hard and is good at swimming.

One guy has some boomerangs.

One lady is a bit mental.

That's about it, really. I mean, y'know, what's wrong with using, say, the fucking army to fight ?

Also, basing a huge amount of a film's advertising around one woman's sex appeal, and specifically her arse, well, it's tedious, tired shit.

The Hollywood machine can go fuck itself.


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