Saturday, 29 October 2016

28/10/16 Bad Ben (2016)

Found footage film about a bloke who buys a house that's full of strange ghostly nonsense.

Things get increasingly threatening but the chap has, as he mentions numerous times, put every penny he has into the house in the hopes of selling it for a quick, profitable turnaround.

Money's one thing, but this guy hangs around way after the point when any rational human would have shit their balls out their arse in fear.

Made for peanuts, by one chap in what I believe is his own home and available only through Amazon. Which is a shame as:

Amazon are tax swerving, monopolising cunts of the lowest order.

The film's way better than we expected and deserves some recognition.

If you don't like low budget or found footage, don't bother, however if you do, and you wanna see a film that's unlikely to get the praise it deserves, have a crack.



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