Sunday, 27 November 2016

Come And Find Me (2016)

A young chaps' girlfriend goes missing.
He starts looking for her and discovers that she might not have told him the complete truth about what she does for a living. Or what her name is. Or how many people are likely to die if he looks for her.

Reminded me of the excellent French film Tell No One, but not as good. Not that this was total splash or anything, it wasn't too bad at all, but the French one's better.

Not 'cos it's French though. With all their baguettes and wine and shit.

And berets.

And Citeroens.

Who the fuck eats snails?

"What's that thing, Pascal?"

"What thing?"

"That small, jellied creature with eyes on sticks?"

"That, Pierre, is a snail. They're invertebrate mud-dwelling fingers of slime."

"Shall we eat them?"

"Yes! But to make it even more disgusting, we should immerse them in butter and garlic as we do so."

"It is the French way."

"47 more bottles of wine?"

"Don't mind if I do."


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