Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Last Run (1971)

A former getaway driver who has retired to an idyllic Portuguese coastal village decides to do one more high risk job.
Unusually, it's not because he needs the money or the bad guys are holding his gerbil hostage, it's because he's bored.

I've read a few times about astronauts struggling with depression after returning to Earth because they realise nothing they witness or achieve again in their life will have the magnitude or significance of looking down at our planet from space. It must be an experience that is difficult to articulate, to gaze upon our existence from the position of the gods.

Anyway, the driver is feeling his version of spaceman glumness, so takes on the job of driving a prison escapee across a few countries so he can be taken into hiding by his people. Things don't go as smoothly as planned and they soon have assorted plod and henchgoons giving chase as they zoom around some incredibly scenic parts of '70s Europe.


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