Tuesday, 31 January 2017

30/01/17 Immune (2016)

Other reviews of this post-zombie apocalypse film have said that it's a reflective study on themes of loneliness and need.

Fuck off. I normally try and champion low budget films, but this one's a proper coiled turd of dullness and ineptitude. I appreciate that, at this level, anything that even resembles a finished film at the end of editing is likely to have been a labour of love, but generosity has limits.
If watched with others, this could be greatly funny, or at least fun. There must be a drinking game that would work well with this:

Take a sip every time:

Someone delivers dialogue so flatly you could use their voice as a spirit level. (Seriously, Steven Hawking's chair has a greater vocal range than everyone in this.)

Actually, no, don't do that. You'll be pissed, unconscious or dead before the first twenty minutes are up.

Although if watching alone, you might feel the need to drink to get through the whole film.

Y'know what, thinking about it, everyone should check this out. I could tap on for ages about how piss-poor it is, but only witnessing it for yourself will truly get it across.

Also, this film, apparently, had a budget of £180,000.

So, presumably, the director bought a Bentley for £179,500, a camcorder, and a KFC Family Bucket to cover catering?



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