Monday, 31 July 2017

30/07/17 Humanoids From The Deep (1980)

Silly old nonsense.

Kinda fun though.

*Sheriff Biscuit out on patrol*
"Deputy Hopper, do you copy?"

"Copy that. Go ahead, Chief"

Just stopping for a quick 470 beers with the fellas.

"Kenneth! How are you?"

"Blimey! Hello, Gary! Haven't seen you since the barbeque. Miriam here?"

"Yup, just nipped off to the shitter."

Fans of shit British cars will be 'impressed' by this Yank-spec Triumph TR7

"wanna see my broom handle?"

"Don't let them get to you, Ronald. They jus' bitch-ass playas, you get me?"

"Fo' real. Haterz be hatin'"

The funfair comes to Croydon.

"Read me some more of your poetry."

"One more, then to bed. You've got a big day at school tomorrow."


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