Sunday, 27 May 2012

26/05/12 Exit Humanity (2011)

Excellent zombie/western hybrid, or for the more alphabetically fussy western/zombie. The order doesn't really matter as the content is fairly equal, predominant over both is the (no joke) emotional core of the film, specifically the story of struggle and redemption that protagonist Edward Young endures.

Lots and lots of zombies get shot in the head, and numerous humans get bitten, but this is miles away from, and ahead of, the now very fucking tired zombie sub-genre. It's slow moving, has a reflective, sombre narration throughout (Brian Cox), it's very well shot, the acting's good and has some excellent stylistic touches, the animation scenes in particular work well.

If you're after some kinda Sunny Delight, brightly coloured, heavy metal, gung-ho slickfest, look elsewhere, there's lots of 'em around. This is something very different and all the better for it.



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