Sunday, 27 May 2012

27/05/12 X Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Mega budget sequel to the sequel. The first two were good fun, popcorn crap done very well. This one's just tits. Still, Origins: Wolverine was even worse, that was defcon 1 on the bollocks threat scale.

Sometimes I like to think up really shit X men. Here's some I'm gonna make up as I type them.

X name / Power

Sausage / Everything he touches becomes cylindrical.
Screaming Cont / Can bend his body into the exact shape of any continent. It hurts so he screams.
Teablast / Can jet liquid excrement at a ballistic weaponry force.
Biege / Able to blend in seamlessly at any corporate event.
Woodchip / Can rapidly grow Bonsai trees from her tearducts.
Edward / Has a brick for a right hand. Good in a fight.
Pigeon / Is a pigeon.

That'll do.



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