Thursday, 9 August 2012

09/08/12 Shivers (1975)

Shocking to think we were alive when the world was made almost entirely of brown.

'70s Cronenberg film, about a bunch of people with terrible hair who get infected by a by some sex-worms. They spread them by shitting them out of one person's mouth into the next. Once infected, the people want to fuck and kill everyone. To replicate this in modern times, go drinking in Croydon on a Friday.

Winner of the 1975 'Mr Face' competition.

"Operator, get me the Sid James lookalike agency."

"Putting you through..."

"Yak yak yak"

"Finish me off, Doc?"
"Just this once, Cuthbert."

"The wisdom of the neon hoverbollock, enlighten me!"


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