Tuesday, 21 August 2012

19/08/12 Man On The Train (2011)

Film about a man on a train. He gets off of it within two minutes of the film starting, so title is a little misleading. Potential other names could've been:

Man On Rail Replacement Bus Service.
Child On A Tram.
Woman On A Concorde
Person Of Uncertain Gender On A Rollerskate.

Anyway, the guy who drums for global stadium dullards U2 gets off a train at the start of this film, has a headache, becomes friends with an old guy and tries to decide if he's gonna rob a bank or not.

It's not too bad, Larry Mullen does a much better job in his first acting gig than many people do.


It's a remake of a French film. Possibly called Le Man On Le Train. Or something. Bonjour.


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