Sunday, 26 August 2012

26/08/12 The Hunger Games (2012)

In the future there's a nuclear war and after it all ends and peace is established  the survivors decide that to celebrate the continuation of the species we will have a yearly competition where we get children to kill each other.

A logical and realisitc basis for a film.

*Viking mode* Odin's balls, this was fucking boring. *Viking mode off*

Essentially, it's 2hr20 of some dippy tart ambling around on an island, occasionally looking at a broach an old woman gave her and having flashbacks about stuff that happened recently in the film. Piss-poor overblown wank. Terrible CGI at times, especially the robotic, demon were-pigs that seem to pop out of the ground. I'm assuming they have off season maintenance?

"What you up to, Gary?"

"I'm off to the competition island to give the were-pigs an oiling."

I'm sure this film was making some half arsed attempt at social commentary, blah, blah, blah Youth, humanity, repression of the poor, dictatorial elitist government... But it was buried under all the other on-screen fuck-awfulness that was turning my eyes grey with unexcitement. Maybe the books are better.

Watch Battle Royale instead, that's actually good.


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