Monday, 10 September 2012

08/09/12 Omega Cop (1990)

This started off as a craptacular gem, then it got boring and we turned it off. Just watched the end. Didn't improve. Worth it for the first 40 minutes though.

Anyway, in the future people wear jumpers, drive jeeps, run around a lot and can't act.

Yup. That's him. With his hat and ears and whatnot.

"Yeah, you like that, you boxy tart!"

Yer standard post-apocalypse group of rag-tag survivors. And Rob, the tubby guy in the shirt.

7am: Alarm.
7.15am: Shower and a poo.
7.40am: cocopops.
8am: Apply makeup and wig.
8.25am: leave for work.
9am-5pm: Do evil.

Early role for Kate Moss.

L-R Danny Baker, three other fellas.


Probably an iPad. Fucking Apple cunts.


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