Saturday, 15 September 2012

13/09/2012 L'Anticristo (1974)

When you hear the words "Italian horror film" you know you are in for a special kind of terrible, particularly if they were made between the beginning of time and today.  This is no exception and has the nice touch of not bothering to offer any dubbing or subtitling during the opening crowd scenes.  When the dubbing kicks in it's the baffling type where the Italian actors (I use the word in its broadest and loosest sense) were speaking English and then dubbed over in post-production, usually by somebody with a wildly different speaking voice to the original actor.

From what I could work out, some woman in a wheelchair is a bit of mental and driven even more mental by religious stuffs, and goes off on a bit of killing spree.  Most victims deserve it for their clothing tastes alone.




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