Tuesday, 18 September 2012

15/09/12 The Devil's Business (2011)

Two hitmen arrive at a house under instruction to kill the guy who lives there. They sit around talking waiting for him to get home, one of 'em goes for a poo just as he gets back. Timing, eh?

The cast, all four of them, are very good, especially Billy Clarke as Pinner, the elder, experienced hitman. His unblinking 10 minute monologue is flippin' ace, and a great, weighty centrepoint of the film. The majority of the runtime is the verbal exhange between the two hitmen, there is gore and jump scares but they're not over used and the script will hold your attention as it creates a nice creeping tension.

The only weak point is the very end of the film, without giving anything away, it gets, we thought, a little silly. It's a let-down, but a forgivable one as the hour leading up to it was so enjoyable and well made.

Well worth a purchase/rental!




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