Monday, 19 November 2012

16/11/12 The Sweeny (2012)

The TV show this 're-make' got its name from suffered from occasionally terrible acting and limited imagination on the part of the location scout, however it had a grimy realism to it that still hasn't been equalled on British copperplod TV.

This film might have well been set in space, such is its realism and relation to the TV show. Having said that, a film called 'Space Regan' could've been awesome. Especially with a CGI reanimated John Thaw telling Moon-crims to "Shut it!"

Most unlikely of all is the fact that we're asked to believe that the stunningly attractive, 30yr old Hayley Atwell is having a passionate affair with the 55yr old Ray Winstone, a man increasingly looking like an angry, bloated pink version of Morph.

Winstone's partner, thankfuckfully in just the working sense, is Carter played by baby faced Plan B.
By baby faced, I don't mean he looks young, I mean it looks like he has an actual babies head.
Also, he has the most hypocritical line of the film when he says "Speak English, motherfucker".

The film does look impressive for its budget.


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