Sunday, 4 November 2012

03/11/12 Skyfall (2012)

James Bond still drives the same Aston Martin DB5 that he did fifty years ago, which means that all the films are set in the same world. That makes him about 90yrs old. Daniel Craig looks a good twenty years too young to pull it off.

No wonder this film goes to great lengths to point out that Bond's getting on a bit.

Xavier Bardem plays plays the baddie, Evilmonto Von Shirtlift. He has terrible hair, an uncertain accent and a face that looks like recently set insulation foam. He also enjoys using Peter Griffin's thinking grenades.

Far too long at 2hrs20mins, but some of the action scenes were excellent and it's the first bond film I've enjoyed in a long time. Also the first one I've seen in a cinema for 29 years.


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