Sunday, 19 May 2013

18/05/2013 McVicar (1980)

Roger Daltery plays John McVicar. For any non-Brits, McVicar is a real life, former criminal who has since made a career of being a former criminal with a typewriter.

Most of this film takes place in prison and portrays prison life as some kind of Beano-vision, youth club version of incarceration. Apparently, every criminal in the '70s was a decent sort who had the misfortune of getting caught.  We'll ignore the fact that, in reality, they were probably a right shower of cunts. This being (loosely) based on fact does make me curious about a few things though. Mostly:

How factual was the paper mache prison escape?

Was McVicar really that much of a midget?

How did Stephen Berkoff manage to ever get hired again after this film?

Very flawed, but worth a look, especially to get a peek at Britain four decades ago.


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