Sunday, 23 June 2013

22/06/13 Brannigan (1975)

An overweight pensioner in a wig visits England to pick up a man.

Contains lots of nice vintage cars and a surprise Baldrick.
7/10 (In that it's entertaining without actually being 'good'.)

John Wayne, about to lube-up.

Picadilly Circus. Different but the same.

"You've been with her again! Haven't you, Terry!" *Sobs*

"This week on Time Team, we'll be in 1975."

London was so poor in the '70s, people couldn't afford stairs. They had to take the window.

"The advert said seven inches. That's five, tops."

A statement about the British motor industry if I ever saw one!

"Here, have another pie, you fat cunt."

"Pint of Watney's Old Bollock, Please Glenda."

"Gaaaah! Piss off midget!"


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