Sunday, 25 August 2013

21/08/13 The Iceman (2012)

Granite featured mono-face Michael Shannon plays real-life dead bloke Richard Kuklinski.

He was a rather unpleasant chap who worked as a hitman for the mafia and killed loads of people with minimal prompting and was a right arsehole. The film takes the morally questionable step of playing down his nastiness and portrays him as an almost sympathetic figure who followed a rigid code of practice. As good as the film is, I found the fluffyfication of an obvious wrong 'un a bit rubbish.

Kuklinski used his mastery of disguise to avoid police detection. This character was called 'Mr Spoon'.

The Iceman Cometh. *Badum Tish*

New York's politest man. 

"118... Oh, hahahahaha! yeah. Wankers."


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