Sunday, 20 April 2014

19/04/14 Dead Of Night (1945)

Vintage anthology spook-flick. Very of its era in some ways, and not in others. The brilliant Adam Curtis talks of it in this blog entry of his:

Although he does give away the twist and the end.

Anyway, yeah, it's fun old nonsense.

Back when people were called Basil, Naunton and Peggy.

"So it's agreed, car keys in the fruitbowl and no awkward questions in the morning." 

After dinner, the gentlemen stood to enjoy a phat blunt.

Things were so formal in 1945, this was pyjamas.

In fact they were SO stiff and formal people risked becoming wood.

However obesity was not the problem it is now, people had to just pretend being fat.

"So what is 'non-reversable Progressive Lerp Syndrome?"
"It means I increasingly become trouser."


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