Monday, 28 April 2014

26/04/14 Ghost In The Machine (1993)

Made in that era when most people had just about heard of the internet, but no one really knew much about it, so screenwriters would slap in words like 'mainframe' and 'computer log on' and hope they'd be future proofing their script long enough to ensure a profit.

Anyway, a serial killer who chooses his victims by stealing address books and killing the people in them, dies whilst inside a hospital scanner thing and defies every known law of physics, biology and electricity by climbing into the new fangled exciting interwebnets to stalk his next victims via microwaves, computers, dishwashers, plugs and all that stuff.

It's fantastically arse.
Loads/10 (In a rubbish way)

"Attractive women in my area wanna meet me? brilliant!"

White people. Terrible, really.

"What is this magic speaking noisebox?"
"It's a phone, you bellamy!"
"I don't understand."

This is my control centre that prepares me for 'sexy time'. Once I flip Activate, prepare yourself!

"I have a better basic understanding of science than the writers of this film."

Twenty years ago, these graphics were amazing*

"I still don't get this thing. Does it be magic?"

'My Conjoined Ethnically Different Mini-Twin' was a low point for '90s sitcoms.


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