Wednesday, 13 August 2014

08/08/14 5 Senses Of Fear (2013)

Five mini-horrors, each one based around one of the five main senses.

The first one, 'Smell' is enjoyable and splatty. The middle three: Sight, Touch and Taste are all pretty average but the final one, Listen, is ace. A slightly bonkers found footage style effort about a bunch of young fellas in an editing suite listening to a song that induces violent madness. Repeated listens seems to increase the severity of the lunacy, turning people into manic savages. A kinda '28 Plays Later' if you will.

Having said that, if I was forced to listen to Capital Radio, Radio 1, Heart FM or any of that shit for prolonged periods, I'd probably be inclined to gouge peoples arms out and kick off their kneecaps. Awful shit that reassures musically undemanding people that they're still terrible humans.
Ranging between 2-8/10


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