Sunday, 24 August 2014

20/08/14 Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies (2014)

I now know that American wrestling is 100% legitimate and all accusations of acting are groundless and unfair. How did I come to this conclusion? Well this film is made up of professional wrestlers playing themselves and they fail to pull that off convincingly, so I can only assume the ring theatrics are born of authenticity.

Yup, the film's shit. I watched it mostly 'cos Roddy Piper, so brilliant in They Live, is in it. As shit as it may be, it does have an honesty -it's crap, camp nonsense and doesn't pretend to be anything else- that films with a thousand times the budget, generous shooting schedules, actual actors and a script, never will. I'd rather watch this than the next Avengers film.

So yeah, it's shit but honest.

"I am a wrestler, my opponent for this match is wall!"

"What do you think, Darling, Italy next Summer? The south western coast is a delight in July"

"I am a wrestler, I lost my last fight against wall. My comeback match is against new opponent, Mud."

"Hi! Welcome to Croydon Nando's. Our special today is arm."


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