Thursday, 28 August 2014

26/08/14 Video Nasties: Draconian Days (2014)

The -not strictly necessary, but still very welcome- sequel to Jake West's 2010 Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotape. This one's a bit more detailed than the first film's overview, with in-depth interviews with some of the people who were arrested for possessing, copying and sometimes dealing the films on the banned list.

For Brit film fans of a certain type and age, there's some nostalgia gold in this. 

Thank golly we would never again have to suffer under a Tory government who would try and impose their morally superior control over the media us delicate plebeian ingrates can enjoy. All that dangerous, unregulated 'esoteric content' is out there for us to enjoy, unfiltered and free to view anonymously without anyone registering collective or individual dissenting opinions. 

Eh? What's that now?

Anyway, this documentary is ace. I got a copy as a birthday present from my brother, signed by Jake West and Marc Morris. Nice one, S! :)

So, yeah, buy a copy, it's cracking good stuff.


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  1. I got part one as an xmas gift when it came out. Excellent docu and a bit of a favourite. Going to have to get this one now. There are, incidentally, a couple of documentaries in the pipeline about aspects of the VHS age to look forward to. One from Mike "Eurocrime" Malloy, for example.

    It was a fascinating and dark age to live through but enough time has passed for it to have nostalgia worth. Besides, the video nasty list provides a handy guide for collectors of golden age vhs tapes and I feel that some of the titles are far better than the more cynical suggest- including some of the contributors to the first video nasty doc who seem to want to emphasise how bad they feel so many of the films are. A few suck, for sure, but most are entertaining enough.